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A Day in the Life of Grizz

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A Day in the Life of Grizz

Long day….

June 14th, 2018 · 2 Comments · Uncategorized

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I had to be gone all day (6am to 7:30pm). Grizz seemed to do good. First thing I did was give him his medicine since it had been over 12 hours. Before bed I cleaned and medicated the wound. After I allowed the medicine to sit for the amount of time that was suggested I packed the wound With the medicine in it to try to keep the medicine in contact longer. He is in bed now (mom isn’t far behind).

He is having trouble adjusting to a three legged stance for pooping. Just as he gets ready to push he loses his balance and has to start over. He walked around so much he had to lay down for a bit to eat before coming in the house. Has anyone else’s pup experienced this?

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  • paws120

    Not personally but others here have. Huckleberry was feral and in better shape than anybody I know, lol. He could climb a fence, scale a tree, outrun a predator.
    Its so early in the healing process. That has taken a lot of strength.
    He is balancing on three now. It’s going to take new muscle groups to balance, and right now he’s penciled in for healing 😎
    Major surgery takes time to heal.
    As he heals he’ll get stronger, and after he’s healed, PT and rehab therapy can strengthen his core and help him balance properly.
    So right now it would seem he’s doing great 😉
    This will take some time. You might want to look in to using a sheet, long towel, or cutting a bag with handles to balance his mid section and take a little weight off to make it easier for him to eliminate.
    Some dogs take right to it, some fight it. You won’t know till you try.
    There are great harnesses out there but for now try this:

  • benny55

    Had to chuckle a bit about Grizz walking around so much. ☺ I’m guessing you’re referring to Grizz’s thought process of “gotta’ keep walking until I find THE PERFECT, VERY BEST SPOT IN ALL THE WORLD to poop!”

    Yeah, face plants and butt plants happen! Grizz will probably learn not to “squat” as low as he usually does on four. Also, as he gets fulky recovered from the surfery and all the other hurdles he’s had to deal with, rehabilitation therapy can do wonders!!

    A lot of focus is on building his core muscles…his tummy muscles. That really helps add an additional muscle strength to his back legs. Just doing a well guided sit and stand repetition helps accomplish that. But there will be plenty of time for that! right now it’s about getting through recovery and ridding himself of that infection!

    AND it’s about making sure You take care of YOU!! Sleep is a beautiful thing! Grizz is quite a strong fella’ and he’ll get through this!!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too !

    PS. If Grizz is anything like mh Hapoy Hannah, he will not allow you to help him with a sling while he poopsz! Pretty sure he won’t allow that, but just thought I’d mention it!

    Oh, and also, it’s possible the Admin Guy can retrieve your other posts that disappeared in your sleep deprived state! Go over to the forums under Technical Support and post what’s gping on with your vlog. I am zero techie help!!

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